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Section Nine

As you go out of Pak Mong village, you’ll see a trail on the left side, rising steeply, which is initially a little overgrown but quickly opens out. You’re starting one of the most challenging climbs of the Tinworth Trail, climbing almost 700m over 5.5km towards Sunset Peak. The reward for your suffering is incredible views over the central Lantau massif and down towards Tung Chung and the airport. Eventually this trail intersects with the Lantau Trail; turn right and follow the Lantau Trail for less than 1km, then take the turnoff down the Wong Lung Hang valley, during which you’ll drop back to sea-level over about 2km. At the bottom of the steep steps you’ll reach Wong Lung Hang Road; turn left and follow it out to Yu Tung Road, which you’ll reach by taking an elevated pedestrian walkway over the road and down on the other side. You can exit here to Tung Chung by walking about 1km.

Section 9 Toilets: Pak Mong, Wong Lung Hang Picnic Site


Section 9 Drinks/Food: Chek Lap Kok New Village

Pak Mong to Yu Tung Road
10.2km distance 783m elevation

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