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Section Five

Section 5 is probably the easiest stage of the Tinworth Trail, all downhill or flat and relatively short at 6.6km. From Rotary Park follow the Rotary Park Nature Trail to Chuen Lung village on Route Twisk. Go down through the village, finding a concrete path that leads through ponds and then down to the big catchwater. Turn right and follow the road along the catchwater to Route Twisk. Carefully cross Route Twisk and head downhill 500m, then turn right on a road following the sign to Ha Fa Shan which will take you down to another catchwater. Follow this catchwater for 2.5km until you see signs for the Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail heading up to your right. There is an easy exit downhill to Tsuen Wan if needed.


Section 5 Toilet: Chuen Lung village


Section 5 Drinks/Food: Chuen Lung village

Rotary Park to Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail
6.7km distance 21m elevation

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