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Section Three

The trail over Tai To Yan is one of the highlights of the Tinworth Trail. Follow the Wu Tip Shan Trail as it climbs above Fanling, as you’re rewarded with increasingly good views of Shenzhen the further you go. After the first peak the trail follows the ridge, eventually turning left and climbing steeply through trees towards Pak Tai To Yan, 480m above sea level. Continue along the jaggy ridge, eventually getting to the highest point, Tai To Yan, at 566m, with great views over Kai Kung Leng to the west. The stage ends with a long and at times steep downhill towards Lam Kam Road; but don’t forget to look up and see what awaits you on the next stage: the massive presence of Tai Mo Shan, Hong Kong’s highest mountain.


Section 3 Toilets: Fanling (near Wu Tip Shan Trail)


Section 3 Food/Drinks: Fanling

Fanling to Kadoorie Farm
8.5km distance 765m elevation

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