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Section Six

Follow the Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail upwards, climbing 250m in about 2km. Be sure to turn around as you climb to see the views over to Tsing Yi and Ma Wan. The highest point of this stage is found at the Shek Lung Kung pavilion; although the trail continues downwards, for a diversion you can choose to turn right at the pavilion and climb up the steep slope, summiting Shek Lung Kung and then going down the other side toward the abandoned school at Lin Fa Shan with its eerie playground, reconnecting with the trail quickly after the school. Regardless of which way you descend, you then follow the Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail until you reach a road, then turn left and proceed along the undulating hills for about 2km, at which point on the left you’ll see signs for Tsing Fai Tong village. Follow the trail down through a pretty village with lilyponds and then continue down to Sham Tseng, where you go under the highway to finish the New Territories portion of the Tinworth Trail at Castle Peak Road outside the Chan Kee Garden Roasted Goose restaurant.

Transition from Section 6 to Section 7

You are free to take any method of transportation from Sham Tseng to Sunny Bay. The easiest way is to get the 308M minibus (6.15am-11pm) from Sham Tseng to Tsing Yi MTR, then take the MTR to Sunny Bay.


Section 6 Toilet: Tsing Fai Tong New Village Public Toilet (near Sham Tseng)


Section 6 Drinks/Food: Sham Tseng

Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail to Sham Tseng
8.7km distance 367m elevation

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