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About Nic Tinworth

The Tinworth Trail is named after Nic Tinworth, long time Hong Kong resident and a central figure in the development of trail running in Hong Kong. Nic was a keen runner, a race director, and a leader within the community and social media. He set up the Hong Kong Trail Running Facebook page which now has over 11,000 members, and with his friends set up RaceBase, an events company that created iconic trail running events such as Country of Origin, Nine Dragons, and the Great Relay. 


We created the Tinworth Trail to give Hong Kong runners and hikers a new challenge, and to honour Nic’s legacy. He loved many of the trails that are included in the Tinworth Trail, particularly those around Sham Tseng and on Lantau Island. We included some “shiggy” trails, which are those slightly overgrown sections that slow you down but in which you will find some hidden treasures. When you’re on the Trail, you’re celebrating Nic and all that Nic did for us. He is greatly missed by many.

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