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Section One

The Tinworth Trail starts in Sha Tau Kok at the corner of Sha Tau Kok Road and Shan Tsui Village Road. Go along Shan Tsui Village Road for approximately 500m until you see the signs for Robin’s Nest and Lin Ma Hang, along with a map of Robin’s Nest Country Park, on the left. Take this trail, which rises quickly and becomes the Robin’s Nest Country Trail once it enters the Country Park after about 1km. This trail gives spectacular views of Sha Tau Kok. At the top of the hill is an abandoned military observation post; turn left and go past all the buildings and continue on the trail on top of the ridge. Eventually this trail becomes the Lin Ma Hang Country Trail, which you should follow but after a few hundred metres the Tinworth Trail continues on the flat trail rather than turning up some steps.


If you have time, you can divert here to the top of Robin’s Nest for great views over Shenzhen. Coming down you will pass a communications station and then take the concrete road down to Wo Keng Shan Road. Continue briefly along the road then carefully cross to a narrow road that will take you towards and then under the entry/exit road for the Cheung Shan Tunnel. Stage 1 of the Tinworth Trail finishes in the village of Tai Tong Wu at Sha Tau Kok Road. If needed, food and drinks are available at Ma Mei Ha Store near the start of Section 2.

Section 1 Toilets: Tai Tong Wu Village

Section 1 Drinks: Vending machine in Tai Tong Wu Village

Sha Tau Kok to Tai Tong Wu
9.8km distance 617m elevation

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