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Section Two

Carefully cross Sha Tau Kok Road and head west on Sha Tau Kok Road. After 500m you'll come to the Ma Mei Ha Store, with the cheapest Cokes in Hong Kong so please make sure you are well supplied. Turn left at the next road, following the signs to San Uk Tsai, and then the Hok Tau Country Trail, which takes you on a beautiful trail up a small ridge and then over to the barbecue area near Hok Tau village. Head up Hok Tau Road away from the village and towards Lau Shui Heung Reservoir, a picturesque reservoir at the base of several hills.


At the reservoir take the Lau Shui Heung Country Trail until the trail ends at a concrete road. Take a sharp right turn, following the road slowly up until you see a ribboned dirt trail on the left. This trail goes up, steeply at times, over Lung Shan.


WARNING: the trail has been damaged by storms at this point. Follow the widened trail up initially and then at the top of the first section, keep right to find the original trail. Continue up, and towards the top you’ll find a washout that you will need to climb up and over. This is not without challenge, but should be manageable by most parties if dry. Take great care if wet and muddy. Coming down the other side of Lung Shan, follow the ribboned trail around a fence and connect to the concrete road down to Tong Hang village. Turn left at the main road to head towards and then over the highway, then continue on the southern side of the highway until, directly across from Fanling MTR station, you find the start of the Wu Tip Shan Trail.


NOTE: To avoid the storm damage, an alternative route to Fanling is to take the concrete road down to the Fanling-Tai Po highway instead of climbing over Lung Shan, then heading around to Fanling on paths along the side of the highway.

Section 2 Toilets: Hok Tau Barbecue Area, Lau Shui Heung Reservoir, Fanling (near Wu Tip Shan Trail)


Section 2 Drinks/Food: Ma Mei Ha, Fanling

Update Q4 2023:

Following the recent landslides, please be extra

careful when on section 2 of the Tinworth Trail.

Tinworth Trail Section 2 (001)
Tinworth Trail Section 2 (002)

Tai Tong Wu to Fanling
10.9km distance 477m elevation

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