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Section Four

Follow Lam Kam Road downhill to Ng Tung Chai village. Carefully cross the road, then head up and through the village, eventually passing a temple before entering the woods. Shortly, the trail splits. The official Tinworth Trail takes the right fork, heading straight uphill. However, a recognized detour (slightly longer) is to go left and up through the famous Ng Tung Chai waterfalls. The trails meet again further up so you can choose which way to go. Either way, you’ll climb steeply through dense forest, rising several hundred metres quickly. When the two trails meet, continue climbing up the single trail until the main trail turns sharply left. Shortly afterwards, at the top of a series of steps, keep an eye out for a clear trail heading off the main trail to the right, and take this alternative route. Very shortly the trail emerges from the trees to a clearing with signs for Kadoorie Farm straight ahead and a route to Tai Mo Shan directly up the slope. Take the route up, heading directly up a series of rocky outcrops with magnificent views over the northern regions of Hong Kong and over to Shenzhen. Following this trail you will eventually get to a road that is part of the Maclehose Trail, 1km below the top of Tai Mo Shan. Follow the road up and over then all the way down to Rotary Park at Route Twisk. Note that halfway down the Maclehose Trail moves off the road, but the Tinworth Trail stays on the road; please be careful of traffic during the last 2km.


Section 4 Toilets: Near Carpark at barrier gate on Tai Mo Shan Road, Rotary Park


Section 4 Drinks/Food: Ng Tung Chai village, Tai Mo Shan Visitors Centre, Rotary Park

Kadoorie Farm to Rotary Park
9.9km distance 840m elevation

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