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Section Ten

The last stage of the Tinworth Trail largely follows the Tung O Ancient Trail around the coast to Tai O. Go along Yu Tung Road about 500m then take steps down to the right and follow the paths past a sports field and through the wetland, then you’ll find yourself on a concrete trail that passes under the cable car. You’ll pass through a series of villages, with the airport on your right until suddenly you turn a corner and it disappears. The last 3km before Tai O provides wonderful views across the Pearl River Delta. Entering the stilt-house village of Tai O you’ll go along the eastern side of the river until you’ve gone right through all the homes, then you’ll find a bridge just before the road which brings you across towards a housing estate. Follow along the main road for about 500m and finish beside the bus terminal and at the entrance to the historic part of Tai O. Congratulations! You’ve finished the Tinworth Trail.


Section 10 Toilets: Tung Chung Hau Wong Temple, Sham Shek Tsuen, Tai O


Section 10 Drinks/Food: Vending machine at playground near Tung Chung Hau Wong Bridge, vendors in villages, Yat Lok Store, Sham Vat Village Tea Place, Tai O 

Yu Tung Road to Tai O
13.7km distance 288m elevation

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