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Section Seven

Transition from Section 6 to Section 7


You are free to take any method of transportation from Sham Tseng to Sunny Bay. The easiest way is to get the 308M minibus (6.15am-11pm) from Sham Tseng to Tsing Yi MTR, then take the MTR to Sunny Bay.


The Lantau Island portion of the Tinworth Trail starts outside Sunny Bay MTR Station, at the board showing a map of the surrounding area. Taking the footpaths from the station, zigzag your way between the parking areas and the rail line until you find the underpass under the rail line. On the other side please be very careful as you cross Cheung Tung Road and then Sunny Bay Road, finding yourself on the north side of Sunny Bay Road, then head towards Disneyland (away from the MTR). Before long the ground slopes downwards and on the right you’ll find a walkway under Sunny Bay Road, then on the other side turn right again and start heading back towards the MTR line, now on the south side of the road. You’ll quickly find a trail on the left heading up the hill; follow it up and up over Lai Pik Shan and on past the communications station at Tai Che Tung, then down towards Discovery Bay. The stage finishes at the path that comes up from the Neo Horizon block at Discovery Bay. An exit is available here, down an obvious path that is uneven in places.


Section 7 Toilet: Sunny Bay


Section 7 Drinks/Food: Sunny Bay MTR

Sunny Bay to Discovery Bay Neo Trail
6km distance 524m elevation

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